How do you get from Phu Quoc to Cambodia?

How do I get from Phu Quoc to Cambodia?

It’s very easy to travel from Phu Quoc to Cambodia. Get a morning boat from Phu Quoc at 08.30 to Ha Tien,and then a minibus leaving Ha Tien to Kep/Kampot/Sihanoukville or Phnom Penh at around 13.00 . Ha Tien to Phnom Penh is about 4 hours.

How do you get from Koh Rong to Phu Quoc?

There are two starting points for the ferry: you can either take the ferry from Ha Tien or Rach Gia. Depending on which type of ferry you will choose (fast or slow), the trip will take between 45 minutes and 3 hours and a half.

How many days should I spend in Phu Quoc?

If you’re short on time and budget, you should still spend at least 2-3 days in Phu Quoc if you truly want to enjoy everything on the island. A one-day trip to the Southern part and another short trip to the North is enough to get the whole island covered.

How do I get from Phu Quoc to Sihanoukville?

You only have 1 real option – bus and ferry. Ferry to Ha Tien town, cross the border, then head to Sihanoukville. The Cambodian Visa costs $25USD and the trip costs $30USD. Any travel agency on Phu Quoc can arrange.

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Is Phu Quoc expensive?

Phu Quoc is the kind of place where you could get stuck for weeks just chilling out in a hammock. … Phu Quoc is slightly more expensive than mainland Vietnam, given that everything needs to be flown or shipped into the island. But there are still budget food and accommodation options available if you look hard enough.

Is it worth going to Phu Quoc?

There really is something for everyone. If all you want to do is chill out in a resort, dip in the ocean and be pampered with massages, you can totally do that on Phu Quoc. But if you’re down for a little more adventure, there’s so much to see and do. I was there for five days and barely scratched the surface.

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