Is it safe to walk around Hanoi?

Hanoi is generally a safe city to explore, and serious crimes against tourists are extremely rare, but it’s pertinent to exercise some caution. While it’s generally safe to walk around the streets of the Old Quarter at night, it’s best to avoid the darker lanes after around 10pm.

Is Hanoi safe to visit?

Hanoi is generally a safe city. Violent crime is rare, but lately, robberies, assaults, and harassments started occurring, often involving weapons. However, the most common risk for tourists remains petty crime such as pickpocketing, purse snatching, and valuables theft, usually not involving violence of any kind.

How long should you spend in Hanoi?

We recommend spending three days in Hanoi to truly get a good feel for the city, especially if you’re a first time visitor.

Where can I walk in Hanoi?

Walking Tours in Hanoi

  • Hoan Kiem Lake. Start with a visit to the Ngoc Son pagoda on the north end of the lake.
  • Hang Gai Street (Hemp St.) This busy avenue marks the southern boundary of the Old Quarter. …
  • Tam Thuong Alley. …
  • Hang Da Market and Hang Dieu Street. …
  • Take a Break.
  • Bat Dan Street. …
  • Hang Phen Street. …
  • Phung Hung Street.
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Is one day in Hanoi enough?

You’ll find that you can easily visit the different sights within 1 day in Hanoi, or you could also spread them over 2 days if you are not short on time.

What should I avoid in Vietnam?

So keep a lookout for the following tricks during your stay in lovely Vietnam.

  • Money switch. It’s usually motorbike taxi drivers that try this one. …
  • The groin grab. This one preys on men in touristy areas. …
  • Fake taxis. …
  • Fake travel companies. …
  • The two-shine. …
  • A fine bag of tea. …
  • The coconut photo shoot. …
  • Bait-and-switch massage.

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Do they speak English in Hanoi?

The Vietnamese language is difficult. … In tourist centres many Vietnamese will speak some English, but a lot will speak none. In more remote areas, English speakers can be very rare. Some older Vietnamese will speak more French than English.

Which is better Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh?

Conclusion. While Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City are popular holiday destinations in Vietnam, it’s clear that each city caters to different types of traveller. Hanoi is ideal for those looking to experience a more traditional lifestyle while Ho Chi Minh City’s urban landscape is best suited for luxury travellers.

What is the best area to stay in Hanoi?

Look no further than the Old Quarter, especially on a weekend. That is where all the action is. Best hotel to stay in Hanoi Old Quarter: Impressive Hotel, possibly in one the quietest street of the city, right next to the Cathedral, metres from the centre of the action.

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How much is Halong Bay cruise?

The price for budget 2 Days 1 Night Halong Bay cruise can be as low as 50-75 USD while a mid-range cruise will set you back 150-200 USD. If you want to go full luxury, you should expect to pay 400 USD or more although the difference in quality from mid range to luxury isn’t as big as the one from budget to mid-range.

How can I spend a day in Hanoi?

Where to go in Hanoi in 24 hours: A complete 1-day itinerary

  1. Visit the Tran Quoc Pagoda.
  2. Tour the Presidential Palace Historical Site.
  3. Visit more royal palaces at Thang Long Imperial Citadel.
  4. Make way for the train at Hanoi Train Street.
  5. Fill up on unique local cuisine at Dong Xuan Market.
  6. Step inside Bach Ma Temple.

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