Question: What should I wear in Halong Bay in January?

If you travel between May and October, it is fine to bring shorts and skirts and short sleeve shirts. For the rest of the year, bring extra sweaters since Halong Bay can get quite cold. In December and January for example, bring some light jackets.

What clothes to wear in Hanoi in January?

In wintertime, especially January and February, bring a warm coat and pullover. Temperatures range from 8-15°C (47-59°F). There are almost no heaters anywhere- indoor and outdoor temperatures are nearly identical. Pack comfortable shoes.

What clothes to wear in Danang in January?

January for Da Nang is a perfect temperature.

What to wear/what to pack:

  • If you’re going to the beach, bathing suits, swimwear.
  • Sandals.
  • Light footwear.
  • Long and short sleeve shirts.
  • Shorts or short pants.
  • Dresses.
  • Sunscreen lotion.
  • Skirts.

11 авг. 2018 г.

How should I dress in Vietnam in January?

Clothes for Vietnam

  1. Top. Sleeveless and short sleeve tops for hot and warm weather. With the tropical climate in Vietnam, you should wear a layered, multi-function wardrobe and can suitable for all most activities when visiting both three regions in January. …
  2. Drees and bottom. Jogger pants, loose fabric shorts.
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What is the best month to visit Halong Bay?

If you are most concerned about weather, then the periods September – November and March – May are ideal for a trip to Halong Bay. The dry climate and pleasant temperature will enable you to enjoy all activities offered on board while making sightseeing as perfect as it could be.

Is Hanoi cold in January?

In january, the weather is alitle bit cold in the south and central. and in the north is colder.

Why is Hanoi so cold?

The city has a subtropical climate which basically means that it can get pretty cold during winter. … On the top of that, most buildings in Hanoi don’t have central heating and are poorly insulated so the cold sort of follows you everywhere around.

What is the temperature in Vietnam in January?

In the cooler north, average temperatures are 18°C during the month of January. The south has warmer temperatures of around 26°C, while central regions are 23°C on average. Rain is not likely in the north or south of the country, while the inland mountains may experience a few wet days at the beginning of the month.

Is January a good time to visit Vietnam?

January in Vietnam is one of the best months for tourism activities and also the month with the most diverse weather characteristics throughout the country. January is the first month of the year in the Gregorian calendar but the last month in Lunar year.

What should I wear to Halong Bay?

Clothes: You will need at least 3 set of clothes: for casual day wear, for evening wear and for swimming if you plan to do so. If you travel between May and October, it is fine to bring shorts and skirts and short sleeve shirts. For the rest of the year, bring extra sweaters since Halong Bay can get quite cold.

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What should I avoid in Vietnam?

So keep a lookout for the following tricks during your stay in lovely Vietnam.

  • Money switch. It’s usually motorbike taxi drivers that try this one. …
  • The groin grab. This one preys on men in touristy areas. …
  • Fake taxis. …
  • Fake travel companies. …
  • The two-shine. …
  • A fine bag of tea. …
  • The coconut photo shoot. …
  • Bait-and-switch massage.

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What is the best currency to take to Vietnam?

Vietnamese Dong or US Dollar, which is the best currency to use in Vietnam? Most payments are made with Vietnamese Dong, but US dollars can be directly used for some hotels, restaurants, tours, or other services. You may see the prices for food, drinks, and souvenirs in Ho Chi Minh City’s airport are all in US dollars.

What you should not do in Vietnam?

8 Things Not To Do In Vietnam

  • #1: Unaware of Vietnamese Table Manners.
  • #2: Unacceptable Public Behaviors In Vietnam.
  • #3: Unaware Of Religions.
  • #4: Disrespect To National Heros.
  • #5: Cross The Street Without Paying Attention.
  • #6: Neglect Your Personal Belongings While On The Streets.
  • #7: Get On A Random Taxi or Motorbike.
  • #8: Skip On Street Food.

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How long should you stay in Halong Bay?

How Long Should I Stay in Halong Bay? Normally, people will need to stay in Halong Bay for 2 days to 3 days either on cruise or a hotel on land.

What is the weather like in Halong Bay in January?

January in Halong Bay means bluer skies and sunnier days. Temperatures are cooler compared to the rest of the year with an average temperature of 17°C, which means that you can enjoy the sunshine without working up too much of a sweat.

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Are things expensive in Vietnam?

Daily Budget for Vietnam

Although Vietnam is getting more expensive every year, it’s still a cheap country to visit. … For a more comfortable backpacker experience in Vietnam, it’s best to budget around $50 per day. This way, you’ll have more money to spend on things like food, drinks, activities and hotel rooms.

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