Quick Answer: Does Taobao ship to Vietnam?

Comment on Taobao Global Direct Shipping: Review and Guide 2019 by Eric. Hi,Most of the seller do not ship directly to Vietnam,even if they do,the shipping cost is really high,so I suggest you request a refund and then find a taobao agent.

Does Alibaba ship to Vietnam?

Some Alibaba supplier could deliver to vietname while others cannot. However, you can deliver goods from China to Vietnam via Alibaba agent like JFBees.com. There are 3 ways to ship from China to Vietname, courier, land shipping and line deal. JFBees has tax free line deals shipping from China to Vietnam.

Does Taobao ship to Malaysia?

Note: Taobao Global Consolidation and Shipping currently only support USA,Canada, Australia,New Zealand,Singapore and Malaysia,Japan.

Does Taobao ship to Singapore 2020?

Method of shipping: the shop or seller will consolidate your purchases and ship it to you via air freight, unfortunately, Taobao’s delivery provider doesn’t provide direct shipping to Singapore for this option.

Does Taobao ship to Japan?

the answer is yes,Taobao is built for China domestic market,but it has a international forwarding service called taobao global consolidation and shipping. this service supports several countries and Japan is one of them.

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Is Amazon available in Vietnam?

Vietnamese shoppers can access Amazon.com, but many products are not available for shipping to Vietnam, and those that are available typically involve high shipping fees.

Does AliExpress ship to Vietnam?

Yes, AliExpress works fine. …

Is Taobao cheaper than Aliexpress?

Aliexpress has a lower sales count of 0.3 million while Taobao has a whopping selling count of 8 million. Taobao also has 1 billion products listed on the site, and the same Aliexpress products are available on Taobao at cheaper prices. The key point, however, lies in how good you are in Chinese.

Is Taobao shipping expensive?

Both Taobao and ezbuy will require you to pay for shipping after the items have arrived at the warehouse. Instead of charging a flat rate for shipping, you’ll be charged according to shipping method (air or sea) and weight. You can check out ezbuy’s shipping rates here, and refer to our How To Ship From Taobao guide.

How long is Taobao shipping to Malaysia?

Sea shipping from China to Singapore, Malaysia takes about 3 weeks, air shipping will deliver your items in 1-2 weeks.

Does Taobao have an English version?

Taobao does not support English language as it is a Chinese platform directed for Chinese people. However, you can install Google Chrome to translate it to English. Go to the Taobao page. Then, choose your category, click anywhere on the page, and select “translate to English”.

How do I buy from Taobao to ship to Singapore?

All your items will be sent to Taobao’s warehouse in China to be registered, and then immediately sent to you directly as individual packages. You’ll pay for the shipping fee together with the item. You have to negotiate with the seller directly for them to ship directly to Singapore.

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How much is Taobao shipping to Singapore?

Cost comparison: Taobao air/sea shipping fees for small parcels

Taobao shipping option Shipping rates Estimated cost
SGShop (Air) $1.99/500g $13.58
SGShop (Sea) $1.25/500g $10.38 + GST = $13.88
Peeka (Sea) $1.30/500g $10.20 + GST = $10.36
Oops (Air) 36 RMB up to 500g, then 12 RMB/500g $16.54

How do you pay in Taobao?

Select the items that you want or simply tap on “全选” (Select All) to select everything in cart. Then, tap on “结算” (Payment) to start the payment process. You’ll be prompted to add your shipping address. Tap “确定” (Confirm) on the right and fill up the form.

How do I ship furniture from Taobao to Singapore?

  1. Purchase item. Start off by purchasing big ticket items such as furniture from your preferred supplier in Taobao.
  2. Contact an external freight forwarder. …
  3. Pick up items from suppliers. …
  4. Verify shipment. …
  5. Shipping (via two options) …
  6. Purchase insurance. …
  7. Custom clearance and delivery of shipment.

How does Ezbuy ship for me Taobao?

Using ezShip to ship your items is a 3-phase process:

  1. Get your ezShip China address.
  2. Paste your ezShip address into Taobao.
  3. Submit your Taobao order details to ezShip.
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