What Lounge does Vietnam Airlines use in Sydney?

In Sydney, Vietnam Airlines’ business class passengers – plus SkyTeam Elite Plus frequent flyers in premium economy and economy – can visit the SkyTeam Lounge, located next door (and below) the popular American Express Lounge.

What airlines fly to Vietnam from Sydney?

The major Australian and Asian airlines operate cheap flights to Ho Chi Minh from Sydney, including Qantas, Air Asia, Scoot, Jetstar, Thai Airways, and Cathay Pacific. There are several direct Sydney to Ho Chi Minh flights each day, getting you to Vietnam in under nine hours.

Which airlines fly to Vietnam from Australia?

Other airlines that fly to Vietnam from Australia are Cathay Pacific, Singapore Airlines, China Southern, Malaysia Airlines, Qantas and Virgin Australia. In general the cheapest flights to Vietnam will fly into Ho Chi Minh City as it services more airlines.

Is there inflight entertainment on Vietnam Airlines?


Fall deep into a world of drama and romance. Our collection of international hits, feature documentaries, television series, newscasts, and children’s programming are regularly updated to help you enjoy every minute on board your flight with Vietnam Airlines.

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What Lounge does Vietnam Airlines use in Melbourne?

If you’re taking off for a Business Class flight from Melbourne, you have access to the impressive Qantas International Business Lounge, whereas returning from Ho Chi Minh you can enjoy the smallish but spacious enough Lotus Lounge.

What is the best airline to fly to Vietnam?

To have an awesome Vietnam tour or holiday, Vietnam Airlines, Jetstar Pacific Airlines, and Vietjet Air are absolutely top choices.

  • Vietnam Airlines. Vietnam Airlines is one of the prestigious airlines in Vietnam. …
  • Jetstar Pacific Airlines. Jetstar Pacific Airlines. …
  • Vietjet Air. Vietjet Air.

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How long is the flight from Sydney to Vietnam?

Non-stop flight time from Australia (SYD) to Vietnam (SGN) by different airlines

Journey Duration Airline
SYD ➝ SGN 8 hours 40 minutes Vietnam Airlines
SYD ➝ SGN 8 hours 45 minutes Qantas

Can you fly to Vietnam from Australia?

If you’re in Vietnam, follow the advice of local authorities and monitor Australian Embassy social media for major updates. We advise: Do not travel to Vietnam.

What month is the cheapest to fly to Vietnam?

High season is considered to be January, November and December. The cheapest month to fly to Vietnam is August.

Is Vietnam Airlines still flying to Australia?

Only repatriation flights between Vietnam and Australia operate at present. As for Vietnam Airlines’ Hanoi-Sydney service, bookings will remain closed until 26 March 2021 based on present updates.

What Lounge does Qatar use in Melbourne?

Qatar Airways uses the lounge of its Oneworld partner Qantas in Melbourne. And thank God for that, because lounges are something Qantas does really well. It is a fairly large space with a variety of seating options.

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