You asked: Can I buy a SIM card at Ho Chi Minh airport?

Can I buy a SIM card in Vietnam?

Where to buy a SIM card in Vietnam. A Vietnamese SIM card can be found anywhere on the streets on carts, at any phone shop, credit kiosk and at the airport on arrival. If you are travelling to Vietnam, it is recommended to get your SIM card at the arrivals at the airport as all the packages are friendly for travellers.

Where can I buy a Viettel SIM card?

Official Mobile Network Stores (Viettel, Vinaphone, Mobifone)

  • Viettel. 166C-D-E Tran Hung Dao, District 1. 174 Tran Quang Khai, District 1. …
  • Vinaphone. 12/1 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Street, District 1. 80B Nguyen Du Street, District 1. …
  • Mobifone. 80 Nguyen Du, District 1 (next to the Saigon Central Post Office)

Can you get a grab from Ho Chi Minh airport?

Of course you can order a Grabcar at Saigon airport.

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Where can I buy a SIM card in Danang?

In case you travel by yourself or a SIM card is not prepared by your clients, buy it at the airports of tourist destinations where the staff can speak English for more convenience. Noi Bai, Tan Son Nhat, and Da Nang Airport, the three biggest airports of Vietnam, inevitably offer this service as well.

How much does a SIM card cost in Vietnam?

How much does a SIM card cost in Vietnam? The SIM card itself costs about 50,000 VND (~$2.50). You’ll generally purchase your Vietnam SIM card as part of a mobile data package that will give you anywhere from 5GB – 30GB of data and cost between 150,000 – 300,000 VND ($6.50-$15).

Will my cell phone work in Vietnam?

Yes, you’ll be able to use your mobile phone in most urban areas of Vietnam, although remote and mountainous areas may have limited network coverage. Ensure you have global roaming activated with your mobile carrier before you leave home if you wish to use your mobile while in Vietnam.

How do I activate my SIM card in Vietnam?

First, activate the data by texting “GPRS ON” to 888. Then choose the data plans that suit you the most. Cancel the data by texting “HUY + Activation code” to 888. Vinaphone has also launched TOURIST SIM card with 199,000 VND.

How do I top up my Viettel SIM card?

Buy the desired amount and load it onto your phone by *100*{voucher-code}# and press enter. To keep a Viettel SIM card alive is very easy, just do any activity which deducts some amount of your balance every 60 days. Or another choice is sending VTVANG to 109 before you leave the country.

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How can I buy vinaphone Internet package?

The syntax for Vinaphone data packages

To sign up for a data package, send “DK1/DK<blank space><the name of the package>” via text to the number “888” (eg: send “DK1 M10” via text to “888”). To check the amount of data left, send “DATA” via text to the number “888”.

How much is a taxi from airport to Ho Chi Minh City?

The fare to most hotels in District 1 should be around 150,000 – 170,000 VND and you will have to pay extra 10,000 VND to cover the Airport surcharge. Mai Linh counter in the terminal building. The Mai Linh taxi company has a counter that is on your right after you clear customs.

How do I get from Ho Chi Minh City to airport?

There are in several public buses going from the airport to Ho Chi Minh. You can take the Yellow Airport Bus #109, Airport Bus #49 or public Bus #152. The modern airport buses bring you for 20,000 VND ($1) to 40,000 VND ($1.80) to the center of Ho Chi Minh.

How much does it cost from Ho Chi Minh airport to city Centre?

It’s the airport shuttle bus to the city centre and it’s cost you only 20.000 dong. (Around 0.90 usd) (10.000 dong if you are within 5 km) there is also wifi on the bus :) Just walk straight out the airport , follow the taxi stand.

Are prepaid phones unlocked?

For prepaid plans, you can unlock your phone after 12 months of service. You can also unlock it if it’s had more than $25 in refills for basic phones or $100 in refills for smartphones. If you have an Android phone, you can use T-Mobile’s Device Unlock app to request T-Mobile unlock your phone.

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What is SIM registration?

The Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) registration initiative – which required all mobile phone subscribers to register their SIM cards with their respective mobile network operators – was designed to capture the identity of mobile phone subscribers for identity and security management.

How much is a SIM card in Thailand?

The SIM card cost 50 baht (~$1.50), and for 427 baht including tax (~$13), I received 3GB of LTE data valid for a month, plus access to the high-speed AIS SUPER WI-FI network.

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