What is Saigon cinnamon used for?

Saigon cinnamon is used primarily for its aromatic bark, which has a taste quite similar to that of C. cassia, but with a more pronounced and complex aroma. In Vietnamese cuisine, Saigon cinnamon bark is an important ingredient in the broth used to make phở, a popular noodle soup dish.

Is Saigon cinnamon better than regular cinnamon?

Saigon cinnamon is a species of cassia cinnamon with a stronger flavor and aroma than other varieties. Though it’s considered to be lower quality than Ceylon cinnamon, it’s less expensive and easily found in grocery stores.

Is Saigon cinnamon bad for you?

Saigon cinnamon is POSSIBLY UNSAFE when taken by mouth in large amounts for a long period of time. Taking large amounts of Saigon cinnamon may cause liver injury or worsen liver disease due to the chemical coumarin. This might be especially true in people who are sensitive to coumarin.

Which type of cinnamon is healthiest?

Take Home Message. Both Ceylon and cassia are healthy and delicious. However, if you intend to consume large amounts of this spice or take a supplement, cassia can be harmful because of the coumarin content. At the end of the day, Ceylon cinnamon is better quality and much safer.

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Can you use Saigon cinnamon for baking?

Saigon, or Vietnamese, cinnamon is closely related to cassia cinnamon, and has the highest essential oil content of all our cinnamon varieties. Saigon cinnamon’s intense spicy-sweet flavor and aroma are prized for use in baking, curries, and candies. … Spicy yet sweet, perfect for any recipe.

Is McCormick real cinnamon?

Because McCormick’s ground cinnamon is processed and bottled in our own facilities, it consistently maintains the same high-quality and product integrity. McCormick’s purity standards mean the bottle of cinnamon you open today will have the same taste and aroma as the last one and the next one.

What kind of cinnamon is Saigon?

Saigon cinnamon, also called Vietnamese cinnamon, is a type of cassia cinnamon that comes from the cassia cinnamon tree. It’s an evergreen tree that grows in Southeast Asia.

Is Ceylon cinnamon bad for your liver?

May Cause Liver Damage

The coumarin content of ground Cassia cinnamon may range from 7 to 18 milligrams per teaspoon (2.6 grams), while Ceylon cinnamon only contains trace amounts of coumarin (6).

Is cinnamon bad for your kidneys?

Herbs such as garlic, turmeric, and cinnamon are healthy in normal amounts consumed in food. However, in pill form these herbs can alter liver enzymes, thin the blood, and change kidney functions.

How long does it take cinnamon to lower blood sugar?

Some of this work shows it may curb blood sugar by lowering insulin resistance. In one study, volunteers ate from 1 to 6 grams of cinnamon for 40 days. (One gram of ground cinnamon is about half a teaspoon.) The researchers found that cinnamon cut cholesterol by about 18% and blood sugar levels by 24%.

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What type of cinnamon is best for lowering blood sugar?

The Bottom Line

If you want to take cinnamon supplements or add it to your meals to help lower your blood sugar, it would be wise to use Ceylon instead of Cassia. It may be more expensive, but Ceylon cinnamon contains more antioxidants and lower amounts of coumarin, which can potentially cause liver damage.

What does Cinnamon do to a female body?

Cinnamon is well known for its blood-sugar-lowering properties. Apart from the beneficial effects on insulin resistance, cinnamon can lower blood sugar by several other mechanisms. First, cinnamon has been shown to decrease the amount of glucose that enters your bloodstream after a meal.

Does cinnamon kill viruses?

Cinnamon can kill bacteria, viruses and even drug-resistant fungi. It can disrupt a particularly nasty type of bacterial colony called a biofilm that coats the surface of medical devices and wreaks havoc with hospital-acquired infections.

What is the best cinnamon to bake with?

Ceylon cinnamon really shines in spice-forward baked goods like morning buns.

Can you use Saigon cinnamon for cinnamon rolls?

Stick with Saigon cinnamon.

It’s a splurge but it really does taste better. Kroger stores sell a cheaper version than many other brands.

What is the best cinnamon in the world?

Here are the best cinnamons for every use.

  • Best Overall: Burlap and Barrel Cinnamon Verum. …
  • Best Ceylon: Simply Organic Ground Ceylon Cinnamon. …
  • Best Organic: Frontier Co-op Ground Ceylon Cinnamon. …
  • Best Basic: McCormick Ground Cinnamon. …
  • Best Cinnamon Sticks: Frontier Co-op Organic Cinnamon Sticks.
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