Best answer: What does Lanh mean in Vietnamese?

What is Lanh?

According to a user from Vietnam, the name Lanh is of Vietnamese origin and means “Good, gentle, good for health”.

What does Phat mean in Vietnamese?

A submission from Australia says the name Phat means “Great wealth/fortune” and is of Vietnamese origin.

What are common Vietnamese names?

The most common are Le, Pham, Tran, Ngo, Vu, Do, Dao, Duong, Dang, Dinh, Hoang and Nguyen – the Vietnamese equivalent of Smith. About 50 percent of Vietnamese have the family name Nguyen.

What Does My Linh mean in Vietnamese?

Linh is a Vietnamese name that means “soul” or “spirit”.

What dies Phat mean?

“Pretty, Hot And Tempting.” The slang word PHAT is an acronym meaning “Pretty, Hot And Tempting.” Whilst it is considered by some men to be a positive way to describe a woman, its use may not always be considered a compliment by the woman in question.

What does Hong Phat mean in English?

Let’s go. Last Update: 2016-10-27. Reference: Anonymous.

Altogether, these 14 names account for 90% of the Vietnamese population.

  • Nguyễn 阮 (39%)
  • Trần 陳 (11%)
  • Lê 黎 (9.5%)
  • Phạm 范 (7.1%)
  • Huỳnh-Hoàng 黃 (5.1%)
  • Phan 潘 (4.5%)
  • Vũ-Võ 武 (3.9%)
  • Đặng 鄧(2.1%)
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What is the most common Vietnamese name?

Nguyễn is the most common Vietnamese family name.

How do you address a Vietnamese name?

In Vietnam, the surname comes before the first name (e.g. NGUYEN Van Nam). However, some Vietnamese will write their personal name first (e.g. Van Nam NGUYEN). People are addressed by their first name, but a title is usually added that indicates the status relationship the person has to the one they are talking to.

What does Thuy mean in Vietnamese?

About the name Thuy: Gender: Female Origin: Vietnamese Meaning: Water The name Thuy means Water and is of Vietnamese origin. Thuy is a name that’s been used primarily by parents who are considering baby names for girls.

What does the Vietnamese last name Tran mean?

Tran Surname User-submission:

The Vietnamese,Trần, is equivlant to the Chinese, 陳 or 陈 (Chén) and the Korean 진 (Jin). It means: exhibit, display, old, ancient.

Is Vinh a Vietnamese name?

Meaning & History

From Sino-Vietnamese 榮 (vinh) meaning “glory”.

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