How big is a Vietnamese mouse deer?

The silver-backed chevrotain, also known as the Vietnamese mouse-deer, is about the size of a large rabbit, with a silver sheen on its rump.

How much does a Vietnamese mouse deer weigh?

They weigh less than 5kg. They are shy and solitary, appear to walk on the tips of their hoofs and have two tiny fangs. Describe the Vietnamese mouse-deer using three or more adjectives.

Are mouse deer real deer?

Chevrotains are not mice, nor are they deer.

At first glance, these animals look like a weird mash-up of a deer, a mouse, and a pig. Mouse deer share a suborder with deer (Ruminantia) but are not considered “true deer.” They have their own family, Tragulidae.

Is the mouse deer extinct?


How long do mouse deer live?

Mouse-deer have been observed to live up to 14 years in captivity, but their lifespan in nature is still an open question.

Where does the mouse deer live?

Chevrotain, (family Tragulidae), also called mouse deer, any of about 10 species of small, delicately built, hoofed mammals that constitute the family Tragulidae (order Artiodactyla). Chevrotains are found in the warmer parts of Southeast Asia and India and in parts of Africa.

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How big is a lesser mouse deer?

Description. It is the smallest known hoofed mammal, its mature size being as little as 45 cm (18 inches) and 2 kg (4.4 lb).

Can you own a mouse deer?

Less than 22 inches (55 centimeters) long as adults, Mouse Deer are one of the smallest hoofed animal species. They are not really deer at all, but belong to their own unique family of hoofed mammals. … Mouse Deer are eaten by people and sometimes kept as pets in their native Southeast Asian range.

What is the smallest deer?

The southern pudu fawn – the world’s smallest deer species – was born May 12 at the Queens Zoo. The fawn is still nursing but soon will be munching on leaves, grain, kale, carrots and hay. The white spots on his soft brown fur will disappear as he grows up.

How do you catch a deer mouse?

Snap traps and electrocution traps can be used to remove deer mice that are found in or around buildings. Peanut butter or peanut butter mixed with cereal or rolled oats is usually an effective attractant. A dozen or more traps may be needed to effectively control a large population in a timely manner.

What animal looks like a tiny deer?

Also called the Vietnamese mouse-deer, chevrotains are actually neither deer nor mice, but they’re the smallest ungulates — or hoofed mammals — in the world, according to the GWC. It’s been a long while since this mammal has been seen in real life. Its last sighting was in 1990 in Vietnam, according to the GWC.

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Mice are rodents, therefore they are related to squirrels, rats, and beavers. Mice eat weeds, seeds, berries, and more. They are eaten by owls, foxes, and cats, amongst others.

Are Chevrotains endangered?

Not extinct

What do mouse deer eat?

In the wild, lesser Malayan mouse deer are commonly herbivores and folivores, eating leaves, buds, shrubs, and fruits that have fallen from trees. In zoos, mouse deer tend to eat insects as well as leaves and fruits (Nowak and Paradiso, 1983).

Are deer endangered?

Not extinct

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