What role did schooling play in national movement in Vietnam?

Schools were the place for cultural and social battles in vietnam. Books of schools established by french glorified french and said vietnamese as primitive and backward,capable of manual labour. etc. teachers did not blindly follow what was written in it.

What role did schooling play in national movement?

The western ideologies i.e., freedom, equality and democracy were spread over these countries through schooling. The youth established various political parties and gathered the people to fight against the colonial powers. Thus the schooling played an important role in the national movements of these countries.

What role did the teachers and students play in Vietnamese national movement?

The teachers of Vietnam opposed and resisted the curriculum introduced in schools which was colonial in nature. They even modified it and created patriotic feeling among students.

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What role did schooling play in national movement of China Vietnam and Nigeria?

Nigeria: … * The educated intellectuals developed the idea of a common Nigerian nation and began to fight the British rule. * Thus, Schooling played a vital role in national movement by way of promoting nationalism and patriotism among people in the countries China, Vietnam and Nigeria.

What role did the press play in our freedom struggle?

6. The Press was the chief instrument for carrying out the main political tasks, political propaganda, education, and formation and propagation of nationalist ideology to arouse, train, mobilize and consolidate nationalist public opinion.

What was the role of press in the growth of nationalism?

The printing press played a big role in carrying ideas to the people. Many nationalist journals were published which aroused the sentiments of the Indian public against the British rule. Many papers fostered patriotism and ideas of liberty and justice in our country.

What caused the rise of nationalism in Vietnam?

However, the nationalism grew following the later Chinese millennium in Vietnam. Several attempts against Chinese occupation resulted in many wars that happened throughout thousand years of Chinese rule, after which Vietnam finally regained independence in the 10th century following the battle of Bạch Đằng.

How did the education system in Vietnam contribute to the emergence of nationalist ideas?

In schools teachers and students didn’t blindly followed wt was there in d text . … Not only all students inspired by d patriotic feelings but also thought that it was d responsibility of educated 2 benefit d society. In this way education system in Vietnam contributed 2 d emergency of nationalistic ideas.

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How can you appreciate the role of teacher in the emergence of Vietnamese nationalism?

The role of teachers in the emergence of Vietnamese nationalism was appreciated when Ho Chi Minh led the nationalist movement in the country. Explanation: He was a communist leader and worked hard in the movement. The French made their colonies in Vietnam after creating conflicts between the people of the country.

What was the role of the press?

The backbone of any democracy is an independent, professional and responsible media. Their role is to inform, criticise and stimulate debate.

How did the growth of the press and literature contribute to nationalism?

Answer. Answer: The establishment of schools, the spread of education and growth of literature played a major role in awakening the feeling of nationalism. … The national movement was possible due to the facility of political education and propaganda provided by the press.

What was the importance of newspaper during Indian freedom struggle?

Newspapers played a vital role in creating social awareness and insisted on the need for achieving independence from the clutches of the British. 2. The newspapers advocated social reforms among the masses to make them stand united in the freedom struggle.

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